Our Facilities in Brighton and the South East of England

Personal Training

We offer personal training in Brighton and the South East. If you are busy working professional and want to lose weight and tone up, just come down to our centre and we can provide personal training session either early or late in park or gym.

Our personal training programme is individually tailored for you to help you achieve your goals and then maintain them. Whether it's because you've signed up to run a marathon, you want to shift some baby weight, you're a bride or groom looking to tone up for your wedding or you just want improve your health and fitness levels, our East London-based mobile and private studio personal training programme can help you get there.


Our Facilities

With a strong gym and fitness centre background alongside a general interest in health and fitness, the aim of our services is to bring members and gyms together.

We are a new fitness concept aimed at promoting the usage of health and fitness centres in the UK. No longer do you need to tour around clubs with the hard sell from a Sales Consultant, simply search the clubs in your area and make a quick easy comparison in order for you to choose a facility in your own time and without any pressure. The result being that you will have found the best club for your goals and will lead to you gaining more from your health club experience.

Holiday Activities

We are a long established, friendly, family run group which has been providing expert tuition in Judo, Ju-jitsu and Karate since 1976. We welcome serious, dedicated members of all ages, at our Leisure Centre and  Community Centre venues, where we are currently teaching judo for children.

Our Values to You

In order to achieve our Mission we have five values that reflect the way we function:

  1. Quality
  2. Honesty
  3. Reliability
  4. Service
  5. Innovation

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