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Personal Training

We offer personal training in Brighton and the South East. If you are busy working professional and want to lose weight and tone up, just come down to our centre and we can provide personal training session either early or late in park or gym.

Our personal training programme is individually tailored for you to help you achieve your goals and then maintain them. Whether it's because you've signed up to run a marathon, you want to shift some baby weight, you're a bride or groom looking to tone up for your wedding or you just want improve your health and fitness levels, our East London-based mobile and private studio personal training programme can help you get there.



We have many gyms and leisure facilities across the South East of England, all of which we renovate on a regular basis to ensure that our equipment and facilities are of a high standard for our clients.

Every new premises that we acquire will be completely redesigned to match our brand so that all of our centres are familiar for those who wish to use multiple locations.

Recent Improvements

At our most popular centre in Brighton we have recently undergone some construction based renovation to ensure that the structure of the property is durable. Although these changes have not made a great aesthetic difference, the air circulation around the building has now been improved due to the installation of a condensation control system. We used a local surveying company, if you are interested in their services call 01273 358111.

By carrying out these changes we are able to now improve the air conditioning units throughout the studios and gym so that your workout experience if more comfortable and enjoyable.

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